Chocolate & Butter Flower Small (Mixed) 320g


Flavor: Chocolate & Butter (2 Flavors Mixed)
Content: 26-28Pcs depending on the cookies sizes
Note1: Specially Packed for Singapore (Not available at HK)
Note2: 100% Real Chocolate (Cocoa), no artificial flavour or presevatives added
Made in Hong Kong

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Based on popular request, we now have the Chocolate & Butter Flower Cookies mixed in classic 320g can.

This is the first time we have this combination in the WORLD. Not Even Hong Kong is selling it in this combination.

Auntie Jenny has finally found the magical formula for the most sought after request, the Chocolate Flower Butter Cookies.

Using premium butter and a special blend of pure cocoa bean, they have an exquisite taste with a delicate texture that simply melts in your mouth.

All cookies are 100% imported from Hong Kong – freshness guaranteed!

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Weight 510 g
Dimensions 17 × 53 cm