Pre-Booking Privilege

CNY Priority Booking (New Batch)

Dear valued customers,

  1. You are being notified of our online booking due to your submission to our notify list recently. We only allow up to 200 customers to this list.
  2. Please do not forward this invite to other people or share it on social media.
  3. Our new batch of cookies should be arriving from Hong Kong soon. Hopefully by 25Jan.
  4. Please note the following very carefully
    1. The system is strictly open for booking on 24Jan-SUN (10AM-10PM). ONLY 12 Hours, until SOLD-OUT.
    2. Only the following is available:
      *4MS/2MS/FS/CS (320g CNY Themed)
      *4ML/2ML/FLW (640g Magician, not CNY themed)
    3. Our delivery dates are EXTREMELY full, so not many slots available. We will not entertain special requests as we simply cannot manage more deliveries.
    4. First Self-Collection day for BATCH#2 is 27/Jan-Wed (3-9PM)
    5. If you need the cookies urgently, we suggest you go to TANGS (Orchard or Vivocity) on 27/Jan-Wed (EARLY in the morning). We will also allow to sell limited stocks.
  5. This is the LAST batch of cookies for CNY and they are extremely limited,  it is on a first come first serve basis during online reservation.
  6. Please click on the following link and enter the password that has been sent to you via mobile on 24/Jan-SUN-8AM.
  7. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at 92357320

Love with Cookies
Team Jenny Bakery Singapore
Update: 23/Jan/2020 10PM