Park N Parcel

About Park N Parcel (PnP) Home Delivery Service

ParkNParcel Process FlowPark N Parcel (Since 2017) is a True Blue Singaporean eCommerce Last Mile Fulfilment. Jenny Bakery partnered with them exclusively for delivery (Since 2018) because they promised to deliver the beloved cookies in the best possible condition possible. This is a promise by their top management. So far we never have any complaints from customers about damaged can or smashed cookies.

ParkNParcel Process Flow

How it works (4 Steps)

Step 1: “Order Booked”

  • Jenny Bakery will create PnP labels and you will get an email notification. The cookies are still at Jenny Bakery warehouse at this point. You will be able to track your packages whereabout with the email link.
  • Very critical: Please check your delivery address is correct on the email
  • Example : Jenny Bakery book PnP Services on Day 1

Step 2: “Processing Hub” 

  • PnP will collect from Jenny Bakery to their Sorting Hub.
  • They will perform a scan and the status will be changed
  • Example: PnP Collect on Day 2

Step 3: “Delivering Parcel”

  • PnP will assign for delivery with their massive fleet of drivers
  • PnP will SMS you on the day of delivery telling you they are delivering to you on that day.
  • Their delivery timing ranges from 10AM-10PM
  • Example: Earliest delivery would be Day 3 – Day 5

Step 4: “Delivered”

    • Once the parcel is received by you, you will get an SMS and email that the parcel is completed


  • FAQ1: What is PnP Delivery days and hours?
    • PnP delivers daily except (Sunday & Public Holidays)
    • PnP delivery timing is 10AM to 10PM


  • FAQ2: What happened if I am not around and I cannot receive the parcel on that day when they SMS due to nobody at home? You have 2 choices
    • Choice 1: Click the Contactless Delivery link in SMS, and select where you want the driver to put your cookies (e.g. In the riser, etc), and the driver will follow your instruction.
    • Choice 2: Message PnP your instruction and they will skip the delivery on that day. They have 2 options for communication: FaceBook Message or Email
      • Please Quote your “Tracking Number” Example: PNH-ZZ-S1O12KJ


  • FAQ3: Can I ask PnP to come at a specific hour like (9 AM-12 PM)?
    • At this moment they cannot offer this option yet


  • FAQ4: I am not at home to receive and driver call to you failed due to “Busy on the other line” / “Cannot connect”. Another possible issue would be the wrong address provided.
    • Not to worry, they will try a 2nd and final attempt on the next day and they will make sure by contacting you in advance on the arrangement.


  • FAQ5: I did not receive the Cookies but I have an SMS saying it is delivered.
      • For this case, please contact PnP Immediately on FaceBook Message
      • If you have no response from them please Whatsapp Jenny Bakery at +65-92357320

Updated: 1/Nov/2020